Sorry Santa, but I have a new holiday love: The Three Kings!! My parents and I celebrated Dia de Los Reyes (3 Kings Day) in true Mediterranean fashion: eating, drinking, laughing, dancing! (Anyone surprised?)

We tag-teamed and noshed extensively on a traditional loaf of Roscón (donut-shaped bread covered in glacier cherries and sugar with a toy inside!). Note to future Roscón-eaters – Don’t dive in too fast. The toy inside is a little tough on the chompers.

We also ooohed, aaahed, laughed, and danced with 100,000 other spectators at the Cabalgata de Reyes – a series of parades (spectacles, really) celebrating the three wise men’s visit to baby Jesus. There are hundreds of actors, colourful costumes, candy thrown wildly into the cheering crowds, music, fireworks, and more. It’s a feast for all the senses.

In these few weeks with my parents, two things are clear: Mom’s Flamenco moves are killer. And after a walking food tour, dad earns props for eating his weight in tapas without ever having to undo his belt. Admirable, pops.

We’re so Med.




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