Buongiorno, Italy! Blue skies and air that smells like fresh panini and rosemary. I’m already in love – and hungry. Very hungry.

But first, a ride on a Vespa. I hopped on a vintage two-wheeler and cruised toward the dramatically stunning Amalfi Coast. Of course, Ms. Hepburn makes scooter navigation look breezy. I, on the other hand, succeeded quite wildly at white-knuckling, wobbling, and shrieking down quaint little streets as the locals cruised by. There was an incident with a fountain and a local kid with a pizza. The boy was unscathed; the pizza however met a gruesome end. And I learned some Italian swear words.

Good news: by the time beautiful Amalfi reflected with sparkles in my aviators, I had a smile bigger than my face and a messy mane of windblown hair.


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