Girl time has come to an end – Denise headed home with an enviable new wardrobe, a satiated tum, and a terrifyingly large credit card bill that’ll remind her of our adventures for the next 32 years!

I’ve decided to make my way solo through the French Rivieria – three countries in one day. Amazing! I woke up in Italy, sipped a caffè and nibbled on brioche on a cobblestone street. By lunchtime I was in Monaco – a 2.02 km2 principality that is all sorts of fancy pants. I channeled my inner Grace Kelly – the first actress ever with her name on a US postage stamp. A total style icon. I got my fabulous actress-princess on, and kept an eye out for handsome princes among all the yachts, mansions, and high rollers in $5000 suits at blackjack tables. The national drink is champagne so I indulged in some bubbles – to be patriotic of course. There is nothing un-fabulous about Monaco – even the train station is glitz and glam here. (So, naturally, I kept my sweats tucked away for fear of banishment.) By dinner, I was in France (and in flats and pants with an elastic waistband in my hotel room).

Ahhhh… being a princess is hard work.


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