We’re in the City of Lights! (Romeo says that it’s actually the City of L’amour! But I’m not letting that smooth talker break down all my walls just yet.)

We’re staying with his sister, her husband, and their adorable little girls who, when dancing and singing in tutus in the living room, made my clock tick just a teensy bit. Of course, that dissipated as fast as it came with a sweet glass of Pinot Gris. Mom, don’t get any ideas – wine and late nights forever!

My birthday this past Sunday was a romance movie to the exponential of 10!! I was Audrey. He was Gregory. And the script was all kinds of perfect – equal parts adorable and exciting. Void of cheesiness (except for the warm brie at dinner… Mmmm) and full of moments I’ll remember forever – save for a few fuzzy bits after our third bottle of wine.

We strolled under a rainbow of lights along the Champs Elysée, snuggled up on the Grande Roue and gasped in unison as all of Paris came into view half way ‘round the ferris wheel, and perused the Christmas windows at Lafayette en route to the Mountparnasse skating rink, where Romeo’s blade skills sizzled on ice. We warmed up with hot cocoa and hearty laughs under a heatlamp on an outdoor patio until midnight.

It was just so light. So easy. So Med.

Happy birthday to me.



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