In Florence, my heart has taken the reins. So much for sightseeing on a schedule; I’m a lady of leisure! I’m starting to really get the hang of this European relaxed pace thing. Everyone wanders languidly, as if there’s nowhere to be. And yet, they are everywhere – lives so full but never hurried. It’s a lost art, I think.

To make up for the gelato, I’ve been sweating it out by climbing to the top of the city’s towers. Worth the frizzy hair and sweaty brow was the Duomo at the Cathedral of Sante Maria del Fiore – the most breathtakingly beautiful work of pink, white and green marble. Delicious – like my Tuscan gelato – yet delicate and thoughtful.

Those stairs though. Whew. Who needs pilates? Buns of steel courtesy of Florence.


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