Miu Miu heels, Botega Venata bags, Biagotti fragrances! I’m not speaking Italian; I’m speaking fashion, baby! Denise and I are in Milan. Our wallets are empty and our feet are blistered. But man alive these Fendi boots are worth it.

We cat-walked through the city’s glamorous fashion district, our hearts panging for every designer dress, bag, and boot in the windows (our wallets, sadly, showed no love.). Everything here is designed to the tilt! Via sella Spiga and Via Manzoni are oozing with architectural genius and trendsetting interior design.

Speaking of spectacular… Denise surprised me with tickets to the Expo Milano closing ceremonies. It’s a six-month long expo where more than 140 countries showcase their best gastronomic traditions. What a treat for my already well-spoiled belly! International fare – from sushi ice cream to crocodile burgers. You’d be surprised at how much Tunisian couscous one girl can eat. Check out this Expo ‘Taste of The World’ Guide.

I * may * have eaten my way through this exhibition – forward and then back.


134 Peter St, Toronto

open 11am to 2am daily