I’m home! And while I can romanticize about the Mediterranean without end, I must admit, I’ve missed it here. There is something special about Toronto. The hustle. The endless awake. Still, I think it needs something more. A little dollop of that So Med life.

It needs Ricarda’s – an unconventional restaurant made up of everything good and gorgeous and delicious and hilarious and stunning and mesmerizing about my travels. So it’s happening. I’m opening the ultimate Mediterranean experience smack dab in the middle of Toronto. Call me crazy; or just call me So Med.

We’re not talking a come-sit-eat-talk-leave type of place. B-o-r-i-n-g. Ricarda’s will be the hub of life, love, camaraderie, and cuisine in the city. It’ll be the easy life. Patrons will interact with our chefs before they’re seated.They’ll leave smelling like pastries and caffè and sunshine. Laughter will be soundtrack. Incredible cuisine will be the fodder. And the night won’t end until the champagne bottles are empty. It’ll be the place where bellies are full, cheeks earn new laugh lines, stories are shared, memories are made, food is shared, and hours pass like they were seconds.

We have a location: ground floor of the hip and historic QRC West building at 134 Peter Street. It’s perfect for our vibrant vibe! I’ve been spending my days mulling over selections of carrarra marble, colourful tiles, and modern gold finishes to make the interior just perfect. I’m bringing 1960s Milan to the city, baby!! My evenings are marathon culinary tasting sessions with Sam, our executive chef. Every night, he cooks, bakes, sears, fries, sizzles, and chars incredibly fresh local food like it’s my last meal and I deserve to eat art. So I do. And I can’t wait to share it with you.

Join us Summer 2016.

It’s happening. The dream.



134 Peter St, Toronto

open 11am to 2am daily