I bid “Adiós” to my parents and headed South.

Cordóba seduced me with its architectural gems. Columns, mosaics, patterns, carvings, ornate details, oh my! La Mezquita, particularly, is indescribably opulent. Candy cane archways, skylit domes, and lavish décor. It’s both geometrically perfect and artistically breathtaking.

My next stop: Seville where the buildings are bright, the people are colourful, and the food is museum-worthy. Groomed orange trees dot the boulevards, which is too cute and perfect for words. I danced with a few young Sevillanos playing guitar in the street. Because when you feel like doing something here, you just do it! I doubt I’ve ever laughed so authentically in my life. The Plaza de Doña Elvira heard my happy.

I’m feeling so very full these days – and not on carbs alone. I am heart full. This journey hasn’t just been about incredible places, warm souls, big laughs, criminally delicious food, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. No, it’s been so much more. The Mediterranean life is a feeling – deep, memorable, and extraordinarily magical. Sometimes, for such a naturally chatty and verbose girl, I feel a bit speechless about it. (Shocking!)

That “decision” I shared with you at New Year’s? Well, it’s starting to feel VERY real. My gears are turning. My napkin scribbles are morphing into solid ideas. It is happening.

Task number one: Bottle up this special feeling and bring it home.



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