I quite literally had to drag myself away from Abruzzo – its gorgeous views, smooth wines, and jaw-dropping architecture are branded on my soul. Every day, another festival. Every evening, more festivals. I began to doubt that there was even a reason to celebrate at all, except maybe just to celebrate (which I guess is as much a reason as any, right?) My kind of people.

But a girl can only stay in one place – and with one ‘friend’ (gasp!) – for so long. I took off to Tuscany without my smooth-talking tall drink of Italian acqua. Of course, this is not ciao forever. We’ll meet again…

Siena is quintessentially charming. Medieval. Wistful. Like time stopped in 800 BC, it’s an indescribably endearing time capsule. I fully expect Charlemagne to show up anytime over the hills with a laurel leaf crown, his toga blowing in the wind. That said, I’d settle for a brawny knight defending my honour in a duel in the Piazza.


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