“Fabulous Fun” is our new mantra and we’re living it full-tilt. Yesterday, Denise and I drank up our fabulousness at the original Caffe Florian …the famous Venetian cafe where everyone from Casanova to Charles Dickens to Woody Allen have all lined up to overpay for a cup of miracle elixir. We forked over our euros and first born without hesitation to do the same.

Our fun continued offshore in Burano, a quaint little fisher’s village where burly men clean tripe on the porches of their brightly-coloured houses and women sell intricate embroideries and laces in rainbow-coloured shops. (Euros floated out of our purses effortlessly here.) Then in Murano, populated by glassmakers, we were like kids in a candy shop – wide-eyed at twinkling glassware everywhere – in windows, on lampposts, in washrooms, and phone booths. I left with a pocketful of millefiori beads – too brilliant to leave in a shop window.

I’m gonna need a sugar daddy. Or perhaps just leave my euros at home.


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