Firenze, Firenze, Firenze…where do I begin? I’m in Florence and completely mesmerized by all of its treasures. I’m in a Florence trance. And I never want to wake up.

Naturally, I hit up all the tourist-y “Musts”– Like Michelangelo’s David (nice abs!) and the Ponte Vecchio while I was strolling down the Arno with gelato in both hands. You only live once, right?

But what’s really got my jaw agape and my heart skipping beats is the graffiti! It’s like little whispered secret love notes tucked away in the alleys or hiding up high near windowsills. Chalk artists paint the sidewalks in the morning and the rain washes away their talent by dinnertime. Artisans and craftsman sell their wares on street corners. Their hands are callused by the passion. History meets urbanity at every turn in Florence and I can’t get enough of the juxtaposition.

Denise from Uni is going to meet up with me in Venice in a few days. We’re already drooling over our shopping prospects. I may have to keep my wallet under lock n’ key. Murano glass and Burano lace? What’s a girl to do?


134 Peter St, Toronto

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