I’ve been travelling again – this time to upholstery showrooms, marble warehouses, and city permit offices. Although these trips aren’t as glamorous as Nice, Florence, or Milan, rest assured, my shoes most certainly are.

My baby is coming to life more and more each day. It started with blank walls, dusty windows, serious heartburn, and a handful of crumpled napkin drawings and dog-eared journal entries from across the Atlantic. Now, it’s a real hustle with real materials, lots of sawdust, and a few sweaty men with tool belts. It’s happening.

I’ve selected the uniforms for our incomparably talented team who will look as flawless as their service skills. I’ve poured over paint swatches, tile chips, light fixtures, and fabric samples – in person and in my dreams – with our interior design crew who have achieved the impossible: A seamless, electric, oh-so-irresistible coupling of all the best of my Mediterranean experience and Toronto’s undeniably hip and contagious flair.

Sarah, our bakery manager (and my taste buds’ new crush), has been creating sweet miracles in our test kitchen and I’ve been a diligent guinea pig. The girl can bake, friends! One bite of any of her creations and you’ll find yourself down on one knee asking for her hand. I know, because I’ve asked. Four times. She rejects me with Ricciarelli fresh from the oven, so it eases my pain.

While Ricarda’s is evolving into the So Med experience I’ve dreamed of, I personally am evolving into quite an annoying (yet still very adorable) perfectionist. For which I am only slightly apologetic – mostly to Nick, the acoustic engineer who kindly educated me on sound absorption with award-winning patience while I painstakingly peppered him with mountains of irrelevant questions. (Sorry, Nick. You’re a burly, sound-genius saint!)

I digress.

We’re painting, installing, making, breaking, building, tasting, testing, and creating around the clock. Our bodies are weary but our hearts are full!

I can’t wait to open the doors and invite you in!




134 Peter St, Toronto

open 11am to 2am daily