The fabulous French air has a sweet new aroma this month: the rustic scent of wood fires and gingerbread candles. It’s like breathing in Ontario’s cottage country. My favourite holiday inhalation however is Romeo’s $15 cologne. (A bonafide love potion, perhaps?)

We’ve completely engrossed ourselves in all things Christmas – which is so Med. We’ve been to Christmas Markets in Provence, Marseille, and Cucuron so far! It’s a merry addiction. Much like Toronto’s Christmas Market in the Distillery District, they’re indulgent, magical, and utter mayhem. Crowds salivate over piles of sinful delights. Chocolates, foie gras, roasted chestnuts, mulled wine, nougat, faugasse, sacristin… oh my! Naturally, I rolled up my sleeves and loaded up. A girl should never miss out on fresh nougat!

Romeo says it’s cute how I’m living like a local these days – posh, relaxed, and a little bossy. (ahem… Bossy?) He’s sure that my “That’s so Med” catchphrase will either become a nationwide trend or have me banished from the continent entirely. Possibly for life.

I like Romeo – who does have a real name, by the way. But we’re not there yet. Of course, that might be a one-sided opinion. He invited me to spend the holidays with his family in Paris. I kept a look of sheer terror under wraps as I explained that I’ll be visiting with my parents in Spain then. Bullet dodged. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)




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