They say you can never have too much of a good thing. Generally, I agree with this. After two weeks of playing house with Romeo, however, I’ve headed for the hills (the countryside, actually!). It was like wearing a turtleneck two sizes too small! (Though a really nice, attractive turtleneck with a sense of humour.)

Instead of hopping the high-speed rail to Barcelona (where I’m meeting my parents for the holidays), I opted for the long-way. Which included long hours on stale buses, last minute Airbnb, souvenirs from every village, and several glasses of wine.

In Sancerre, I picked up some Sauvignon Blanc (so crisp! so aromatic!). In Bordeaux, I sampled my way from Fromagerie to Fromagerie and finally emerged with armfuls of cheese from the Baud et Millet cheese cellar. It all smelled like feet, and tasted like liquid gold – which, for the record, trumps the stinky feet thing. I nursed my contemplative heart with a temporary bandage: rich, creamy, buttery French cuisine. Confit de canard! Pâté! Foie Gras! Then a real treat: a movie at Café Utopia, a perfectly preserved old theatre with arched stone entranceways and history dripping from the walls. Naturally, I bawled my eyes out when the guy got the girl.

Crap… I miss Romeo.





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