Thanks to my ever increasing obsession with Italian food and one heckuva cool Florentine-Texan chick – Georgette Jupe (@GirlInFlorence) – I’m gonna need to buy new pants. And I’m okay with that.

I tested the flexibility of my stomach walls and chowed down at the Florian on Georgette’s recommendation. For 35 euros, I had the most elegant hot and cold buffet—a sampling of everything from oysters to egg baskets, stuffed vegetables to mini-pancakes. It was a feast for my eyeballs as much as for my ever-happy belly. Plus bottomless Bloody Marys’ to wash everything down. Umm…yes, please!

I would live at the Florian if I could. Don’t judge.

See for yourself:


134 Peter St, Toronto

open 11am to 2am daily