I’ve been in love before, sure. Most recently with a guy whose pants were too tight but whose 5 o’clock shadow made up for that misstep, until – I really couldn’t handle his nose whistle any more… And then I met Amalfi.

I’ve spent my days here lingering on seaside terraces on the steep edges of glorious cliffs. I’ve feasted on grilled meats, fresh fish, local porcini mushrooms, and wine from Campania. Been kissed by the sun (and a few bold and handsome strangers). Walked through the piazza (which glows like liquid gold in the sunlight) waving and calling out “Ciao” to the locals. (Initially, I was convinced this made me super cute and endearing; however, my new friend pointed out that it may have been super annoying – especially to the woman hanging laundry out of the window three stories up – whom I waved at over and over again waiting for acknowledgement.) Sorry, Magdelana. But thank you for the wave back!

Now, off to Roma with the aforementioned new friend. He has a five o’clock shadow too, for the record.


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